AVA Ambassador

Job Title: AVA Ambassador

project AVA’s mission is “To support at-risk children and parents by aligning with established community agencies; providing financial resources and a community of dedicated volunteers”.

We are looking for volunteers who would like to further dedicate themselves to our efforts: we are looking for AVA Ambassadors. At project AVA we recognize that your time is precious. We, too, value our time with our family and friends and are honored that you’ve considered donating some of your time to us. Your donation of time can be in whatever amount you choose it to be to fit into your lifestyle.

As one of AVA’s Ambassadors you will have the following opportunities to contribute back to your community, all benefiting at-risk children and families:

Raise awareness – we need people to know we exist and understand what our mission is!

  • Share social media updates
  • Invite friends to “like” our page
  • Promote project AVA events and projects

Fundraising – we need funds to help others!

  • Help promote our fundraising efforts via social media and both personal and professional networks. where applicable.
  • Collaborate with the fundraising committee to create and implement fundraising ideas.
  • Volunteer at project AVA fundraising events in your community.

Have you been “Called for Kindness?” If you feel you would liked to dedicate time as one of AVA’s Ambassadors, please fill out the application information below to be considered for a volunteer position.


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