“Be the good in the world.”

Ours is a perfect ecology; there exists great need but there is also great desire to give. When people without resources are met by people with resources, there is opportunity. There is balance. There is hope.

There are so many of us who want to be the good in the world. We say it, we think it, but often it’s a challenge to actually ACT on it. We want to give of ourselves. We want to make contributions of our time, money, and resources to help create a world that is a healthier, harmonious place for our children.

Project AVA is a community of kindness. Big acts, small acts, all done in love.

Project AVA seeks to impact the lives of vulnerable parents who are faced with challenge and adversity, but remain dedicated to creating a safe and happy environment for their children. We want to inspire confidence in them and help them imagine a bright future they perhaps hadn’t yet considered for themselves.

Project AVA will be comprised of a series of “projects” scheduled throughout the year. The “projects” can be whatever we want them to be as long as the end result is a smile on a child’s face and confidence in the heart of a parent. We want to make sure our time and efforts are in support of a good cause and will produce positive, long lasting results.

Our mission is simple: Align people who need resources, with people who have resources. Welcome to Project AVA.

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