Circle of Kindness

project AVA is a community of kindness. Our fundraising efforts are in support of at-risk parents and children, but we value our opportunity to express love, concern, hope and well wishes within our global project AVA community.

project AVA’s “Circle of Kindness” was created to highlight specific indivKindnessKnowsNoEndCircle (1)iduals we would to ask you to think about, pray about, or just let into your heart. It’s a forum for the project AVA community to send messages of love and concern.

Do you know somebody facing a challenging time in their life? Somebody who could use some extra encouragement and words of support? If so, we invite you to nominate them to be a recipient of project AVA’s Circle of Kindness. All nominees will be considered by our board to be selected as a part our Circle of Kindness.

Chosen recipients of project AVA’s Circle of Kindness will enjoy receiving kind words of hope and encouragement through a virtual FaceBook event that will be created specifically for them. project AVA community members, along with the recipient’s friends and family, will be able to turn this virtual FaceBook space into a place of comfort and hope for the recipient.

A Circle of Kindness recipient will be highlighted every month and their Circle of Kindness will remain active for one week. If your nominee is chosen you will be contacted prior to their Circle of Kindness beginning.

Thank you for being a part of our project AVA community; our community of kindness.


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