project: An Apple A Day

Charitable Purpose:

Franklin Elementary School is in a neighborhood where over 90 percent of the children are poverty or low income. Drugs, alcoholism,  and homelessness are the major issues these kids are faced with. It is a very transitional school where kids come and go due to the parents moving them in and out.

Project Details:
This project will provide fresh fruit for the 2019-2020 school year to 156 students at Franklin Elementary who are at or below the poverty level.apple_a_day (1)

Healthy snacks, starting at a young age, provide the foundation to support lifelong healthy eating habits. A nutritional snack, not only satisfies hunger, but can provide that boost of energy needed for learning. Foods high in sugar and saturated fats can cause spikes in blood sugar typically resulting in decreased energy and brain function. This is a result of the body’s significant effort to process the food. Kids today suffer from obesity and malnutrition which can result in lifelong health challenges including heart disease and diabetes.

Incorporating healthy snacks into the school day will ultimately promote healthy development, academic learning, and can impact a child’s behavior. The bottom line is nutrition impacts academic performance.

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