project: Brrring on the Warmth! Part 2!

project AVA is dedicated to brightening the lives of economically at-risk children and families. We continuously work hand in hand with schools and other non profit organizations to help bridge funding and resource gaps for programs and services that benefit children in need. Where as some of our projects bring smiles to the faces of children in need, providing extras they may never have, others meet their basic needs. Such is the case with our latest effort- project: Brrring on the Warmth.bbbbbrrrrring use

The project:
project: Bring on the Warmth will fund coats and gloves for approximately 30 children in the Roxana Community Unit School District 1 in Roxana, IL. This district qualifies for free and reduced breakfast/lunch for all students. Many students show up to school without the proper protection from the cold winter elements. The winter attire provided through this project will be distributed by the schools to the children in need who don’t have properly fitting winter attire, if any at all.

How can you help?
You can support this, and future projects, by making a donation using the link below. Monetary donations are ALWAYS appreciated and are the backbone of our existence.

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*project AVA is a not-for-profit organization and holds the 501(c)3 designation. Please check with your tax professional to determine how your contribution may be tax deductible.