project: Kindness in the Classroom

We love teachers. Those who love to teach, and especially those who teach to love.

Do you know a teacher who goes out of her way to encourage love and kindness in her classroom? Maybe a tkindnesseacher who lets his be the example for compassion and understanding the needs of others?

We want to hear about it!

Introducing “project: Kindness in the Classroom”

Between now and September 1, 2018, project AVA will be accepting nominations for a K-12 teacher you believe demonstrates “Kindness in the Classroom.” Three finalists will be selected by our board from the submissions. After the finalists are chosen, a picture of each finalist, along with their nomination information, will be posted on project AVA’s FaceBook page. The teacher with the most “likes” will win. The winner, announced on September 30th, will receive a $500 gift card to be used throughout the year for classroom needs.

Nominees and finalists from last year may be nominated again; however, our reigning champion must pass along her kindness crown! :)

To enter your nominee, simply email the following information:

Nominee’s Name:
School: (School name, City, State)
Years teaching:
Description: How does this nominee prioritize kindness in the classroom?
Nomination Deadline: September 1, 2018

*Please include a picture of your nominee, and be sure to have his/her full consent prior to submission. Contest winner will be publicized on social media.

Teaching our children to be kind isn’t reflected on state test scores. Teachers aren’t rewarded for the compassion they teach their students, and the empathetic impact they’re making on our next generation.

We’d like to change that.