Happy Birthday Thea!

She is sweet.  She is silly.  She is almost seven.  Her name is Thea Dimitroff, and she is a remarkable young lady.  Thea will soon celebrate her February 27th birthday at a East Alton, Illinois skating rink.  There will be cake, there will be fun, but there will not be any gifts to unwrap.  Sure, she would love an Xbox 360, a pink bike, and a cat named Squishy Paws, but there is something she desires much, much more.  Thea wants to help others feel as fortunate as she feels, so she has asked her friends and family to donate to project AVA in lieu of birthday presents.

project AVA’s mission is to support at-risk parents and children by aligning with established community agencies; providing financial resources and a community of dedicated volunteers.  Or as Thea brilliantly explains, “Kids need help to make their life better.”  project AVA has been in existence since only November 2014, but our wonderful organization has already raised thousands of dollars to support at-risk families.  Our motto is “Called for Kindness.”  Thea Dimitroff reflects this perfectly.

When this amazing girl isn’t riding her bike, sketching Frozen drawings, or playing with her friend Addie, she is going out of her way to demonstrate grace and kindness.  Thea makes lunch for her family, cooked food for her neighbor when she was sick, took donuts to her new neighbors, and delivered breakfast to her dad at work. Thea often spends time at Cedar Hurst Memory Care Center in Edwardsville, IL with her Daisy troop 259 spending time with residents. It’s not surprising that Thea dreams of being a teacher and a nurse when she grows up… two honorable professions that focus on helping others.

Thea, you are incredible.  You are an inspiration.  Happy 7th birthday!  We at project AVA thank you for having such a heart of gold!

If you would like to send Thea a “birthday gift” by donating to project AVA, simply click the #thea button below. Please include #thea immediately after your last name when you donate so way we know your contribution is in honor of Thea’s generosity!

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