So what does our mission REALLY mean?

project AVA’s mission is to support at-risk children and parents by aligning with established community agencies; providing financial resources and a community of dedicated volunteers.

It sounds good; it flows well, but let’s dig into it and better explain what exactly it is you are supporting when you support project AVA.

Let’s break it down:

We “align with established community agencies.”

Translation: project AVA partners with nonprofit organizations who have proven outcomes and success working with vulnerable populations. We have sought out these agencies who are already successfully serving those for whom project AVA exists: at risk children and parents. project AVA helps these organizations take things a bit further; help a bit more. Every nonprofit organization has typical offerings that are part of their normal operations; part of what they do on a daily basis.

These organizations also have “wish lists.” Things on their wish lists often aren’t covered by grants and are not in their budgets; they aren’t part of the organization’s normal offering. Often these “wish list” items come directly from the hearts of the people who work at the nonprofit organizations and see these at risk families every day. They see firsthand through execution of their normal offering, that there are further needs that aren’t being met. They are able to identify areas others may miss, whereas together, we could further brighten the lives of these families and provide them with hope. With project AVA’s help, we can make this possible; we can help more.

We “provide financial resources.”

Translation: project AVA will fund “projects” to be rolled out in partnership with our community agencies. Let’s say a nonprofit organization‘s main offering is to host educational programs for at risk children and families. A staff member of the organization may notice that some of these children don’t have basic needs met, needs that are outside of their normal offering of educational programs. This organization can work with project AVA to design a project.

Project Idea: Perhaps a “project” would be to fund the purchase of diapers to be distributed by the nonprofit organization to further benefit these children and families. To attend day care, families must be able to provide an adequate number of diapers for the child each week. Unfortunately, some families can’t do this. No access to daycare results in Mom or Dad not being able to work due to lack of childcare.

Project Idea: Let’s say another typical offering of this nonprofit organization is to serve as a testing facility for parents to take the GED exam to obtain their GED. The organization serves as a place to complete the exam and also provides childcare to do so. However; some parents may have the desire to take the test, but have had trouble saving money for the exam as well as providing for their families. There have been recent changes in the cost of the exam that have made this a challenge for numerous families. Perhaps a “project” would be to fund an assistance program for those parents who have the desire to better themselves for their families, but just need a little extra help.

The need is identified by the nonprofit organization we partner with since they know best what the needs are. The project is defined together with project AVA. There are two requirements: The recipients must be at risk children and parents and the funds must be used for something outside of their normal operation and offerings.

Other project ideas might have more of an uplifting flare to them, giving the families a break from their day to day struggles; allowing them to focus on something positive. These projects would provide a learning experience as well that the families might not get elsewhere. Perhaps our partner agency would like to host a family night out for those they serve. With project AVA’s help, they could organize a meal for the family to share together before the children and parents part ways for their own special activity. The children might enjoy an educational craft and story time, while the parents engage in a hands on lesson focusing on a life skill to enrich their family life: a session on budgeting, nutrition, easy and healthy weeknight meals for their family, fitness. The same goal exists: enriching the lives of at risk children and parents.

We have “a community of dedicated volunteers.”

Our board of directors, officers, and ambassadors at project AVA all have one goal: to enrich the lives of at risk children and parents. Together, we create a community of kindness dedicated to raising awareness that we exist, and raising funds so we CAN exist.

Together, we are project AVA…